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Donate Directly to DiPPs

We have carefully selected people's fundraising as the most ethical and accessible, direct donation site, it is a free platform for us ensuring that DiPPs money goes to purchasing defibrillators.

Shop for charity!

Easy fundraising is a brilliant way of donating regularly to DiPPs without costing you a penny! Sign up for free, it's quick and easy to do, and then access all your favourite online retailers via the Easy Fundraising website or mobile app. The companies that you buy from will donate a percentage of your spend to DiPPs at NO EXTRA COST to you. It really is free money for us and feel good shopping for you. So many well known retailers support this scheme, from British Airways to Boots, Amazon to Argos. Click on the button and give it a go.

Get Involved.

We are always looking for people to accept a challenge, fundraise or even attend events to hand out leaflets, take donations and be a part of our DiPPs family

Join us on social media and get people talking.

We are growing our social media profile to encourage people to find their local defibrillator and talk about the importance of defibrillators and CPR in saving lives.

Please join us over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter like and share our busy, friendly page.

Talk DiPPs

Find your nearest defibrillator and let us know about it.

Ask your employer or your children's school to consider buying a defibrillator, if they haven't already.

Consider DiPPs as a charity of choice for your school or workplace to support.

We are very much part of the defibrillator community on twitter. We share knowledge, skills and information with other charities. We engage in debate and encourage organisations to consider acquiring defibrillators. We have links with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the very best deal for the organisations that we work with.

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