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Our James died on 10th September 2015.

He was 18 years old.

James Hursey was a beloved son, brother, nephew and cousin. He was a gentle giant at 6'4 with a wicked sense of humour and an all encompassing hug. His loss was a devastating blow to his family, friends and his community.

James was fit and healthy, he enjoyed a game of football and walked everywhere, showing us that this kind of tragedy could happen to anyone of any age and any fitness. 

When lifting out heads above the parapet we were horrified to discover that we were far from alone, as 12-15 young people die, without warning, each week in the UK alone. 

                                  Meet the DiPPs team 

Arline Hursey 

Founder, trustee and Chair 

Arline is mum to James and Katie. 

She is first aid trained and basic life support instructor (certified by the Resuscitation Council)

Arline took on a massive step taking on the role of chair person for DiPPs about 2 years into the project. She now continues to run many of our social media's and taken an interest in talking and running awareness sessions for school children on how easy CPR and defibrillation is. 

She has a successful ironing business in Welwyn Garden City and in her 'spare time' works in pre school education. 

If you email us, you will generally speak to Arline.

David Hursey 

Founder, trustee and secretary 

Dave is dad to James and Katie.

You won't find him on our social media pages very often but he is the go to man face-to-face when discussing the finer details of defibrillators and cabinets.

Dave works full time but will take any opportunity to engage people in becoming aware of defibrillators.

Jude Temple 

Founder and trustee 

Jude is James' Auntie

Jude first set up our website and many of out social media's. she was the original chair to our charity an helped us get underway with many of our projects. 

 In her 'spare time' Jude works in schools as a literacy consultant and is also an accredited AED trainer.

Katie ​Hursey


Katie is  James' sister and has involvement in attending awareness sessions and helping out with all the technology side of the charity.

Katie works full time in a local pub 

Guy Bowles 


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