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We'd like to thank...

British Premium Meats

Thank you BPM for all your support, particularly for the Barbecue at our Football fundraiser.

DM Thomas Foundation

We are so very grateful for the cash grant from the DM Thomas Foundation which enabled us to purchase defibrillators for two football clubs. They provide amazing support for small charities.

DM Thomas Foundation

Lanes for Drains

We applaud Lanes for Drains for their brilliant community defibrillator programme. Thank you for all that you do and the mention for DiPPs.

Prospect House School

PROFS the parent arm of prospect house chose DiPPS as their local charity to benefit from their quiz night in February 2017.

We are extremely grateful for their faith in us.

Sir Fredric Osborn Sports Centre

SFO school sports centre have been a real friend to Dipps. One of the first recipients of a DiPPs defb they host our annual football tournament and support us in a hundred different ways.

Experience Days

We are incredibly grateful to the team at Experience Days for their generous donation of an experience day voucher for our raffle. They are also an Easy Fundraising partner, so a great way to support DiPPs and buy gifts that build memories.


Link to Experience Days