DiPPs Defibrillators in Public Places
registered charity number 1167425        

Placing defibrillators in public places in memory of James Hursey.

Be a Defib detective.

Can you spot a defibrillator in your local community?

How would you get to it?  Would you need to

a) Run

b) Get on a bus

c) Fly a magic carpet

At DiPPs we want the answer for everyone to be a) Run.  

If you spot a defibrillator in your area, we would love to see a photo or a drawing of it and details of where you found it.  We will post them all on our website and send you a defb detective badge.

We love seeing some of our youngest supporters at DiPPs events.  Never too young to be heart safe.

What a creative bunch of Tiddly-DiPPs we have.  

Here at DiPPs HQ we love being surrounded by these DiPPs mascots created at some of our summer events.