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76th defibrillator- January 2020

Selling Court, Tooting is an internal defibrillator keeping their members safe 

77th defibrillator- January 2020

Due to a local member of the community fundraising for DiPPs, we have placed a defibrillator at scout hut in Templewood, Welwyn Garden City  

74th defibrillator-November 2019

St Francis church, located in Welwyn Garden City town, was an ideal place for a public access defibrillator 

75th defibrillator- January 2020

Vincent motorcycles has an external defibrillator 

72nd defibrillator- October 2019

little rainbows nursery, Wigan was provided with an external defibrillator.

73rd defibrillator- November 2019

South Mimms Parish Council was provided with a defibrillator to keep the community safe

70th defibrillator- September 2019

Restore Hope needed to put an external defibrillator outside and DiPPs donated the box 

71st defibrillator- September 2019

Meadow view nursery was placed with an external defibrillator to help with their local community 

68th defibrillator- September 2019

Defibrillator donated to a family who have a known heart condition 

69th defibrillator- September 2019

King George V playing fields are keeping their community safe with an external defibrillator 

66th defibrillator- August 2019

Bayford & Hertford cricket club, are keeping their local users safe.

67th defibrillator- September 2019

Gateway school now keeping their students, staff and parents safe. 

63&64th defibrillator- June 2019

Swanley paper mill, Swanley, Kent was placed with 2 internal defibrillators  

65th defibrillator- July 2019

Bozeat recreational ground, Northampton placed an external defibriallator to keep all their local users safe 

61st defibrillator- June 2019

After meeting with Sandridge FC, DiPPs found they were keen to have a defibrillator and they are making it public access.

62nd defibrillator- June 2019

Its been a great pleasure to work with Dean to place a defibrillator at Malmech and Mannion garage, to place the defibrillator in a very public area. 

59th defibrillator- May 2019

Thomas Becket Cathlic school has been made heart safe.

60th defibrillator- June 2019

We are working with Zip Now events and are loaning them a defibrillator for the three months they are operating in London

57th defibrillator- May 2019

Isabel hospice have been great to work with. working with another charity has been a highlight of ours.

58th defibrillator- May 2019

We are closely linked with the football club, Welwyn Pegasus , as this is where James played football, we decided this was a much needed place for a defibrillator

55th defibrillator- May 2019

Gravely Pre-school have now made their village heart safe.

56th defibrillator- May 2019

Potters Bar United reformed church are now heart safe. 

53rd defibrillator- May 2019

Creswick is now another one of many schools that are now heart safe.

54th defibrillator- May 2019

Springmead's pupils, staff, visitors and community are all heart safe due to their public access defibrillator.

51st defibrillator- February 2019

Howard Cottage are closely linked due to Dave working closely with them, this is placed in the town centre.

52nd defibrillator- February 2019

Following the instillation of the defibrillator at Howard Cottage the heritage centre are waiting for instillation of their box.

49th defibrillator- December 2018

Welwyn and Hatfield council have got their public access box for the town centre. we are awaiting instillation 

50th defibrillator- January 2019

Hatfield sports and social club have made their community heart safe 

47th defibrillator- November 2018

Pangshanger FC have made their community a heart safe place. 

48th defibrillator- November 2018

Crawley Green Fc have made their teams and spectators a heart safe community. 

45th defibrillator- November 2018

Puntney station and its users are all heart safe. 

46th defibrillator- November 2018

Richard Hale have been placed with the 2nd defibrillator for their sports Centre. 

43rd defibrillator- October 2018

We have made the Quakers building and The Barn Theatre heart safe. 

44th defibrillator-November 2018

St. Johns primary school is now heart safe.

41st defibrillator- June 2018


pre-school are now heart safe.

42nd defibrillator-July 2018

Grace Community Church now have an external defibrillator

39th defibrillator- June 2018

Kinghtsfield pre-school and Homerswood are heart safe thanks to our London to Brighton walkers 

40th defibrillator- June 2018

Attimore Barns and the surrounding pubs,houses and officers are now heart safe.

37th defibrillator- May 2018

The Holy Trinity church in Wandsworth is now heart safe.

38th defibrillator- June 2018

SwallowDell primary school staff, pupils and vistors are now heart safe.

34&35th defibrillator-April 2018

Jude got to meet The Head and some of her terrific team at Ricards Lodge High School today. We are delighted to have been able to supply the funds for their shiny new defibrillator and to hear how committed they are to being a heart safe school.

36th defibrillator- May 2018

In Chipperfield we helped place a defibrillator into the cafe. Its a great place to keep the locals heart safe.

32nd defibrillator-March 2018

Broom Barns primary school is now very heart safe  

33rd defibrillator- March 2018

The public access defibrillator can be found outside Tesco in Moors Walk, Panshanger.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this one happen.

30th defibrillator- February 2018

Richard Hale boys school is now heart safe 

31st defibrillator- March 2018

Adeyfield school in Hemel Hempstead is heart safe also. 

27& 28th defibrillator-January 2018

TWO defibrillators have landed at Bishops Hatfield Girls School thanks to the huge efforts of our brilliant London to Brighton walking team. They have smashed their target, enabling us to purchase 2 defibrillators for their chosen school, as well as buying two additional defibrillators for schools in the area.


29th Defibrillator- January 2018

Today we took a defibrillator to West Hill Primary School in Wandsworth and hosted an assembly to talk to the children about the importance of their school being heart safe.

25th defibrillator-December 2017

KCM Halls Potters Bar have made all their users and groups heart safe.

This is a public access defibrillator. 

26th defibrillator- December 2017

A pleasure to be handing over our 27th defibrillator to these lovely ladies at Setting Out hair salon Hatfield. another public access.

23rd defibrillator- September 2017

Welwyn sports and social club users are heart safe now due to an external defibrillator.

24th defibrillator-November 2017

Jude took the 2L form captains from Kingston Grammar School to deliver a defibrillator to the glorious Strawberry Hill House, in Twickenham.

21st defibrillator-September 2017

Green Lanes primary school are now heart safe thanks to the headteacher meeting 

22nd defibrillator- September 2017

Birchwood Avenue are our last from the meeting to be a heart safe school.

19th defibrillator- September 2017

After a meeting with the headteachers of the Welwyn and Hatfield schools we have placed many defibrillators.

Templewood are heart safe because of it.

20th defibrillator- September 2017

Peartree Primary school are heart safe.

17th defibrillator-September 2017

We were approached to put a defibrillator into st Mary C of E School 

18th defibrillator- September 2017

Holy Family are now another heart safe school.

15th defibrillator- September 2017

Dave and Arline attended Sunnyside Rural Trust, a fantastic charity supporting adults with learning difficulties.

The team of staff and trainees were on a sponsored walk to raise money for 2 defibrillators.

A proud moment and one that we at DiPPs will never forget.

16th defibrillator-September 2017

The park secondary school is now one of many to be heart safe.

13th Defibrillator- July 2017

Our 13th defibrillator was placed on the wall of James' family home in Hornsfield, Welwyn Garden City.

The whole community can benefit from this public access defibrillator, now registered with the ambulance service ensuring quick access for anyone in need.

14th defibrillator-September 2017

Astley Cooper Secondary School in Hemel Hempstead is now heart safe.

11th defibrillator -June 2017

Today we were delighted to donate a defibrillator to Welwyn Garden City FC.

James was passionate about football, spending a lot of his time both as a player and a referee and we know that he would be thrilled that his local club is now heart safe.

12th defibrillator- June 2017

Harwood hill is another school in Welwyn garden city that is now safe.

9th defibrillator- May 2017

In May 2016 we approached Fulham College boys school as Dave (DiPPs Trustee) went to this secondary school.

10th defibrillator- May 2017

Being closely linked with boys school, Fulhum College, we decided to make this girls school heart safe too. 

7th defibrillator-September 2016

As our last placement of 2016 we have placed a defibrillator into the sport centre of Barnwell sports centre, Stevenage. 

8th defibrillator- February 2017

After talking to Chipperfield FC, we found out a child had a heart condition and didn't hesitate to give them a defibrillator.

5th defibrillator- June 2016

Arline was on hand to act in an advisory role for Hardings pre-school when they received a grant to go toward buying a defibrillator.

6th defibrillator- September 2016

We were so delighted to hand over a defibrillator to Knebworth FC this weekend. This was a great acheievement for DiPPs, it was our first public access defibrillator

3rd defibrillator-June 2016

DiPPs third purchase was to match fund the placement of a defibrillator for Downsview Primary School in Croydon.

4th defibrillator-June 2016

Ludwick nursery contacted us via our website and told us of their desire to own a defibrillator to protect their nursery community.