DiPPs Defibrillators in Public Places
registered charity number 1167425        

Placing defibrillators in public places in memory of James Hursey.

10th May 2018

Jude got to meet The Head and some of her terrific team at Ricards Lodge High School today.  We are delighted to have been able to supply the funds for their shiny new defibrillator and to hear how committed they are to being a heart safe school.

1st May 2018

TWO defibrillators have landed at BHGS thanks to the huge efforts of our brilliant London to Brighton walking team.  They have smashed their target, enabling us to purchase 2 defibrillators for their chosen school, as well as buying two additional defibrillators for schools in the area.


9th April 2018
WOW!  This one has been a long time coming.  Finally, after sending out a plea to our Facebook supporters we ad many offers of help and this public access defibrillator was finally installed by the rather wonderful Paul Gardner.  You can find it outside Tesco in Moors Walk Panshanger.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this one happen.

12th March 2018

Today we took a defibrillator to West Hill Primary School in Wandsworth and hosted an assembly to talk to the children about the importance of their school being heart safe.  It was great to talk to such bright and inquisitive children.  On days like this, we are sure that our future is in safe hands.

22nd January

We had a great morning yesterday at The Church of King Charles the Martyr officially unveiling their public access defibrillator and talking to some fantastic people about the importance of and showing how easy they are to use.
Well done everyone.

30th November 2017

A pleasure to be handing over our 27th defibrillator to these lovely ladies at Setting Out hair salon Hatfield.
Watch this space, it will soon be available for everyone to access 24/7
Theresa has a wonderful raffle to help raise funds to help DiPPs
If you’re passing pop in and buy a few tickets please.

10th November 2017

Jude took the 2L form captains from Kingston Grammar School to deliver a defibrillator to the glorious Strawberry Hill House, in Twickenham.  18th century gothic castles are not known for their electric light and so we lit The Great Hall  with little lanterns to hand the defibrillator over to Director Nick.  Hattie, Jake and Ben told him how they'd walked 10 miles last summer to raise money for DiPPs

19th September 2017

Number 14

Dave and Arline attended Sunnyside Rural Trust, a fantastic charity supporting adults with learning difficulties.
The team of staff and trainees were on a sponsored walk to raise money for 2 defibrillators.
It was an absolute pleasure to make a donation of a DiPPs defibrillator, I am sure with some help they will raise enough for their 2nd.
A proud moment and one that we at DiPPs will never forget.

July 2017

Our 13th defibrillator was placed on the wall of James' family home in Hornsfield, Welwyn Garden City.

The whole community can benefit from this public access defibrillator, now registered with the ambulance service ensuring quick access for anyone in need.

1st May 2017

Today we were delighted to donate our 9th defibrillator, to Welwyn Garden City FC.

James was passionate about football, spending a lot of his time both as a player and a referee and we know that he would be thrilled that his local club is now heart safe.

Welwyn Garden City FC is a real community club, working with adult and youth teams and we are thrilled to be associated with them.

February 2017

We received a lovely letter from Chipperfield Corinthians, following our donation of a defibrillator to their club.They impressed us enormously with their commitment to keeping their players, coaches and supporters heart safe.

We join you in hoping that you will never need to use it but we're delighted that you now have it available to everyone associated with your club.

26th November 2016

We were so delighted to hand over a defibrillator to Knebworth FC this weekend. 


They care passionately about football at all levels, and we are so proud of their desire to ensure that their players, coaches and spectators are heart safe.

Does your team insist on shin pads and mouth guards and do they have the same inclination to protect your child's life with a defibrillator on site.  If not ask questions, contact DiPPs to see how we can help or move to Knebworth FC.

Hardings Pre School

Arline was on hand to act in an advisory role for Hardings pre school when they received a grant to go toward buying a defibrillator.  Due to her commitment to public access defibrillators we have now enabled them to work together with the church to have a defibrillator which will be made available to the entire community, supplying them with an appropriate external defibrillator cabinet.  We can't wait to see it up and available to all.

30th September 2016

DiPPs fourth defibrillator.  

Ludwick Nursery contacted us via our website and told us of their desire to own a defibrillator to protect their nursery community.  Their major concern was how quickly emergency services would  be able to get to them if someone on site was to suffer a cardiac arrest.

Arline went to meet with them, and following two successful fundraising events we were able to fund the full cost of their defibrillator, confident that, should the need arise, the team at Ludwick would be willing to share their defibrillator with anyone in the local community.  

If you know of any school, sports or community group that would benefit from owning a DiPPs defibrillator, please let us know.  Funds are currently available to support the purchase of defibrillators. 

DiPPs third purchase was to match fund the placement of a defibrillator for Downsview Primary School in Croydon.

We were thrilled to run an assembly to introduce the children to their AED and loved the range of interested  and interesting questions that they asked.  One of our favourites was "Would this have saved my fish?"

Downsview school is heart safe.  Is your school?  

It was an incredibly emotional moment, seeing the story of the loss of our beloved James, the creation of DiPPs and the placement of our first two defibrillators in the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

We thank Sophie Blackman for her sensitivity in talking to Arline about the loss of her son and in giving so much space to both the tragedy of our loss and the triumph of placing life saving defibrillators in James and Katie's school.

Hopefully you'll read of more placements here in time 


1st July 2016

Almost 10 months after losing our beloved James, DiPPs hands over two defibrillators to Sir Fredric Osborn school.  We had always planned for this to be the location of our first AEDs as James was a student at this school, and his sister Katie still attends.  SFO has a sports specialism and the defibrillators are placed in the main school building and in the impressive Sports Hall that is used by many community members.

A proud and emotional moment.  Photos show Arline and David Hursey at SFO.  Press photos to follow.


This is our proudest moment to date.

DiPPs hands over its first cheque.  This will fund two defibrillators for Sir Fredric Osborn School and the associated Sports Centre.  Sir Fredric Osborn was James' high school and is his sister Katie's current school.  This was always intended to be our first project and we are grateful to have the support of the senior management team at SFO.

Picture shows Katie and David Hursey handing the cheque to Head Mr Jed Whelan and head of P.E Jon Chappel.

The defibrillators have been ordered.  We can't wait to show them to you.